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Abonnement Annuel

Annual subscription

Prix normal
$199.99 / année + activation
Prix réduit
$199.99 / année + activation
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Annual Membership

Take advantage of telemedicine all year long! With annual telemedecine on demand you will save on the cost of your subscription and will also be eligible to meet in persone with a physician.

Make Healthcare available to all members of your family in a few hits.

Acces to a Healthprofessional from anywhere from you smart phone ou Tablet PC. Discussions with qualified nurses and physicians.

Consultations can be doneo by emails, phone or videoconferences. Consultations can by done by emails, phone or video conference to meet your needs.

With annual telemedecine on demand, you may renew prescriptions, be referred to a specialist and get medical advises.

One time fee of 20$ is required at registry to cover technological charges. Fees will be added to the first invoice.

It includes

Telemedicine is open to all family members on a 24/7 basis.
  • 24/7 Live chat
  • Phone consultations and video conferences
  • Acces to the service to all members of your family
  • Acces to qualified physicians
  • Complete history of your conversations.

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Annual subscription (renewable)

Prix normal
$18.99 / mois + activation
Prix réduit
$18.99 / mois + activation
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